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Our Story

At TowerPlan Africa, we specialise in full-service solutions for tower infrastructure within the telecoms industry. We pride ourselves on designing and supplying world-class technical solutions to meet your needs and move your business into the future. With innovative technology such as our mobile application, and an experienced team of engineers, we’re fully equipped to deal with even the most complex of tower challenges.

In the tower industry, there simply is no substitute for experience. With over 25 years of service in the industry, our specialised engineers have all the know-how to deal with any challenges that come their way. By constantly developing state-of-the-art solutions that are backed by our unique mobile application, we strive to take your tower business into the future and beyond.

How We've Evolved

Breathing new life into old structures

Designed with single tenants in mind, older tower infrastructure often struggles to meet the high demands of today’s telecoms networks. Through in-depth analyses of these structures, we’re able to make the changes needed to successfully increase capacity, attracting multi tenants and improving overall earning potential.

We view our clients as strategic partners on our journey to adding value to their business. By working with forward-thinking tower owners, who understand the need to do things differently to be competitive in today’s markets, we’re able to modernise their towers to maximise rental returns.

Our Mission

To correctly assess and interpret customer requirements and to design and supply world class products to meet these needs:
Reducing Technical Overhead
Reducing Cost


Custom solutions to suit our clients need

End-to-end solutions from concept to completion

Cutting-edge mobile app available to all our valued clients

Extensive range of tower products and accessories

Award-winning engineers with extensive industry experience

100% black owned BBBEE Level 1 business